Man Tries To Open Emergency Exit Inflight, Has Worst Excuse Ever

A number of weeks in the past we noticed an incident whereby a person opened the emergency exit door of an Asiana Airbus A321 shortly earlier than touchdown, and tried to leap out. Thankfully he ended up being stopped, nobody was harm, and the aircraft landed safely.

Effectively, one other particular person has now tried to open the emergency exit door of an plane, although I actually can’t with the extent of stupidity displayed right here (because of reader Ray for flagging this)…

Bangalore-bound Air France Airbus A330 has emergency exit scare

The Instances of India has the story of how a 29-year-old was arrested by police over his habits on an Air France flight from Paris (CDG) to Bangalore (BLR). This incident occurred on July 15, 2023, and includes flight AF194, operated by an Airbus A330.

The person — who’s a local of India however lives in america — was touring to go to his aunt, connecting in Paris. In keeping with the crew, the person tried to open the emergency exit door mid-flight. This reportedly prompted panic within the cabin.

Thankfully there was no security danger, since an emergency exit door can’t be opened in the midst of the flight, as a result of stress distinction between contained in the cabin and outdoors. Nevertheless, it’s in fact nonetheless terrifying to see somebody attempting to behave on this means.

The flight continued to Bangalore, the place it landed safely. It’s value noting that the flight didn’t divert — if this flight have been on a US airline, I’d be prepared to guess absolutely anything that there would have been a diversion.

The excuse the traveler supplied to police

So, why would somebody attempt to open the emergency exit of an plane? Right here’s the reason he reportedly supplied to police:

“I used to be simply checking the arming and disarming capabilities of the door”

Is that this traveler an 11-month-old or a 29-year-old? As a result of our toddler spends his days attempting to examine each electrical outlet and different hazard in our dwelling, and he’s additionally “simply checking.” However I positive hope he grows out of this, as a result of while you become older you’re alleged to be taught that simply since you’re inquisitive about one thing doesn’t imply you need to really do it.

What’s subsequent, attempting to storm the cockpit door since you’re “simply checking” how strengthened it truly is? One has to marvel if this man was simply very drunk, or if that made sense to him in a sober state?

Police met the flight when it landed in Bangalore. The person was detained, and after the crew filed a full report, the person was arrested for trying to commit an act to hazard the life and security of others. The person ended up being launched on bail, and is now awaiting trial.

Backside line

Please don’t attempt to open emergency exit inflight. And particularly please don’t do it since you’re “simply checking” the arming and disarming capabilities of a aircraft. Is that an excessive amount of to ask?

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