Grim: TSA Breaks New Firearms Document In 2022

The Transportation Safety Administration (TSA) has set a brand new document this yr… for the variety of firearms stopped at safety checkpoints.

18 weapons stopped at TSA checkpoints every day, most loaded

The TSA has revealed some stunning information on the variety of firearms which were stopped at safety checkpoints this yr:

  • As of December 16, 2022, the TSA stopped 6,301 firearms at airport checkpoints in 2022; earlier than the top of the yr, it’s estimated that there will probably be 6,600 firearms stopped at checkpoints
  • 88% of these firearms stopped at checkpoints have been loaded
  • This represents a brand new document for the variety of firearms stopped at airports
  • For those who crunch the numbers, 6,301 firearms have been stopped in 350 days, which comes out to a mean of 18 firearms stopped at checkpoints every day

For context, 2021 beforehand set the document for essentially the most firearms confiscated at TSA checkpoints. In 2021, a complete of 5,972 firearms have been detected at TSA checkpoints, so 2022 is seeing a roughly 10% improve in that quantity. As a degree of comparability, again in 2010, “solely” 1,123 firearms have been stopped at checkpoints.

Variety of firearms stopped at checkpoints, by yr

Whereas absolutely the variety of firearms stopped at checkpoints has elevated, I assume one silver lining is that 2022 noticed much more air vacationers than 2021, in order a proportion of vacationers with firearms, 2022 needs to be an enchancment.

TSA declares new measures to mitigate danger

Certainly all these folks attempting to convey weapons via airport safety are arrested and/or placed on a no fly record, proper? Nope, they barely get a slap on the wrist. The TSA has introduced “new measures to mitigate threats” associated to weapons.

So, what’s altering? The utmost civil penalty a passenger can face for being caught with a firearm at a safety checkpoint is growing from $13,910 to $14,950. Take into account that this is absolutely the most penalty, and in a overwhelming majority of circumstances nothing near that’s being paid.

However simply to recap, the TSA’s method of mitigating danger associated to firearms, whereas we’re seeing year-after-year will increase, is to extend the utmost theoretical penalty for carrying a firearm by 7%?

The TSA can even revoke TSA PreCheck eligibility for no less than 5 years for passengers caught with a firearm of their possession. The TSA might also conduct enhanced screening for these passengers (that means you may get “SSSS” in your boarding move), to make sure no different threats are current.

Relying on state or native legal guidelines in an airport’s location, passengers who convey firearms to a checkpoint could also be arrested by legislation enforcement. Nevertheless, that appears to occur very hardly ever.

I’ll by no means be capable of wrap my head round this

I’ve a few ideas once I see information like this.

Initially, if roughly 18 weapons are stopped at TSA checkpoints day by day, one has to surprise what number of aren’t stopped. Traditionally the TSA has missed 90%+ of weapons when assessments have been performed. Has the TSA improved significantly, or are dozens of loaded firearms getting via safety checkpoints every day?

Subsequent, I simply don’t get how careless persons are with bringing weapons to the airport. I’m not a gun proprietor, but when I’m understanding the argument for weapons accurately, it’s about self protection. If that’s the case, shouldn’t you all the time keep in mind you might have it on you, and take excessive precautions?

It simply looks like somebody who reveals up at an airport and forgot they’d a loaded gun isn’t precisely essentially the most accountable particular person, and doubtless shouldn’t be allowed to personal a gun (then once more, that opens up an entire totally different can of worms).

Did the general public getting caught simply completely overlook that they’d a gun? Did they not understand they couldn’t take it on a aircraft? Did they wish to see if they might get away with it?

It looks like the punishment is fairly minimal right here. For that matter, in early 2021, a US consultant tried to board a flight with a loaded gun. Not solely was he not charged with any crime, however the gun was even secured on the airport so he might retrieve it upon his return, in order that he wouldn’t miss his flight.

I don’t wish to be grim, however is it going to take a mass capturing on a aircraft or previous a safety checkpoint for stricter punishments to be put into place, to discourage folks from by chance bringing weapons to the airport?

I’d assume there’s not one other nation on the earth the place properly over a dozen folks per day get stopped with a loaded firearm on the airport, and nobody bats an eyelid.

Backside line

The TSA has launched information for 2022 relating to firearms at safety checkpoints. Thus far this yr, over 6,300 firearms have been stopped at airports, and 88% of these have been loaded. So yeah, 18 folks per day are being stopped at checkpoints with firearms. This drawback continues to worsen fairly than higher, and I simply don’t get it…

What do you make of this information on firearms being stopped at TSA checkpoints?

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