Flight Returns To Tokyo After Passenger Bites Flight Attendant

Goodness, flight attendants cope with loads…

ANA flight returns to Tokyo after biting incident

This incident occurred on Tuesday, January 16, 2024, and entails All Nippon Airways (ANA) flight NH118, which was scheduled to fly from Tokyo (HND) to Seattle (SEA). The flight was operated by an 11-year-old Boeing 787-8 with the license plate JA814A, and had 159 passengers onboard.

The deliberate 4,769-mile flight was scheduled to depart at 9:05PM and land at 1:10PM the identical day. The aircraft ended up taking off at 9:47PM, and climbed all the best way to 39,000 toes, flying northeast over the Pacific Ocean. Nonetheless, simply over an hour after takeoff, the choice was made to return to Tokyo.

The explanation? A 55-year-old American man bit the arm of a feminine flight attendant, inflicting a minor harm. Following this, the crew restrained the passenger for the rest of the flight. The plane ended up touchdown again in Tokyo roughly 2hr40min after it departed, at round 12:25AM on Wednesday.

The diversion of ANA flight NH118

As you’d anticipate the crew timed out at this level, so the flight ended up being rescheduled for later within the day on Wednesday. The jet ended up departing at 4:00PM, and is predicted to land in Seattle at 8:05AM on January 17, roughly 19 hours after the scheduled arrival time.

What brought on this airplane biting incident?

Why would a traveler chew a flight attendant? In response to a spokesperson for the airline, the traveler was “closely drunk.” Nonetheless, when handed over to the police, the person claimed that he had taken a sleeping capsule, and had no recollection of what occurred, and denied having bitten a flight attendant.

We see every kind of passenger misbehavior on US airways, although it’s a lot rarer on overseas carriers. Nonetheless, I suppose it’s not a shock that it was an American passenger concerned right here.

It seems like this was a case the place the mixture of alcohol and sleeping capsules brought on some wild habits. I’m curious to see what sort of expenses he finally ends up going through. Folks have to take accountability for his or her actions…

The traveler claims he took a sleeping capsule

Backside line

A poor All Nippon Airways flight attendant bought bitten by a passenger on a flight from Tokyo to Seattle. The plane ended up returning to Tokyo, and the person was arrested. The person’s protection is that he doesn’t bear in mind having bitten the flight attendant, as he took a sleeping capsule.

What do you make of this ANA incident?

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