Assist Me Perceive This “Lufthansa” Assessment On YouTube

Final evening I stumbled upon a YouTube Brief that I can’t cease fascinated about. I’m curious if anybody could make extra sense of this than I can?

This YouTube Brief is messing with my thoughts…

A YouTube person uploaded a YouTube Brief with the title “what I ate on a ten hour flight with air Lufthansa from London to Calgary.” The video is 59 seconds, so when you have a second, watch it for your self.

The title intrigued me, since Lufthansa doesn’t truly fly to Calgary (not to mention nonstop from London), so I clicked on the video to be taught extra. Effectively, that was a mistake, as a result of it solely elevated my stage of confusion.

So right here’s my thought course of as I went via the video:

  • She reveals Heathrow Terminal 3, which isn’t the place Lufthansa departs from, and it’s additionally not the place WestJet departs from (which… is related)
  • Then she reveals her seat, which is most undoubtedly not a Lufthansa seat, however as an alternative it’s a WestJet Boeing 787 economic system seat
  • Then all of the meals and different inflight providers proven are certainly from WestJet, so clearly she was simply confused, and he or she was flying WestJet and never Lufthansa… truthful sufficient!
  • However wait, on the finish of the video, she reveals the “cute chocolate” that was handed out on the flight, which is Lufthansa branded

What is definitely occurring right here?!?

I’m completely not attempting to select on this reasonably. Fairly on the contrary, as an avgeek, I need to commend her for probably publishing the world’s best avgeek puzzle. If I had been to create a video to make you all confused as heck, I’m undecided I may do a lot better than this. I believe these are some sincere errors and this isn’t the case of an avgeek pulling our leg, however there’s a lot on this video I can’t make sense of?

  • How does Terminal 3 match into this, when Lufthansa departs from Terminal 2 and WestJet departs from Terminal 4?
  • The wing view clearly reveals she was flying the WestJet 787 nonstop from London to Calgary (primarily based on the panorama and wing), so this wasn’t a case of connecting from Lufthansa to WestJet
  • The image of the Lufthansa chocolate is in a glass jet bridge, so does anybody know if Calgary Airport has glass jet bridges? I don’t imagine so, so I’m questioning if this was simply from a very unrelated flight that in some way made its manner into the video (and precipitated her to imagine she was flying Lufthansa), or what…

The most effective concept I can give you right here is that she in some way simply integrated facets of all elements of her Europe journey into this video, no matter whether or not or not they had been associated to this flight. Perhaps she arrived at Terminal 3 initially of her journey, then she took a flight inside Europe on Lufthansa and bought the chocolate, and in some way that made all of it into the return flight evaluate.

Backside line

I can’t cease attempting to make sense of a YouTube Brief a few “Lufthansa” transatlantic flight, as a result of there’s a lot throwing me off.

Can anybody assist?

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